Jackson Francis and Store First


Salesmen have come forward and admitted that they lied and forged documents to encourage investors to part with £100m in pension funds.

Many of our clients have spoken out about being promised high returns on their Storage Units, which for most, never materialised.

Although Store First claims it was not responsible for the high pressure selling tactics employed by agents working on their behalf, the vast commissions paid to them perhaps tell a different story.

Over a two year period, Store First owner Toby Whittaker paid £33 million in commissions to Transeuro Worldwide Holdings Ltd (controlled by a friend of Mr Whittaker, Mike Talbot) which funded Jackson Francis - the company alleged to have encouraged their staff to not only lie to potential investors, but to even forge signatures on documentation to complete deals.

Mr Whittaker told the BBC that Jackson Francis was employed as a sales agent of Store First, and maintains that they were not responsible for the tactics used: “My Company’s sales agents are not employed to give financial advice, they are employed to explain the product, not to advise whether it is suitable for an individual’s investment portfolio.”

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